Escabrosa Grotto Activities

Fun trips: EGI sponsors caving trips, usually in southern Arizona. We also participate in trips that are part of Arizona Regional Association meetings twice a year.

Survey/Mapping trips: Accurate maps of caves are needed for some conservation work. Teams of 2-4 cavers slowly work through a cave taking point to point measurements of length, compass angle and inclination, and detailed sketches of the shape and contents of a passage.

Restoration/Clean-up trips: EGI members participate in conservation activities in several caves in the area. We remove trash and grafitti, and clean and repair speleothems that have been soiled or damaged. In show caves, such as Colossal Cave, we regularly conduct trips to clean up lint shed from visitor's clothing.

Ridgewalking/Hiking: Hiking in the backcountry along ridges is a great way to find undiscovered caves.

Non-caving events: EGI members meet at a local restaurant for pizza after every meeting to socalize, plan future trips, and share caving stories. We also have an annual Christmas party that includes a squeeze box and rope-climbing. We also get together for non-caving activities such as kayaking and the Gaslight Theater.

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