Escabrosa Grotto Inc.- Come and explore the secrets of the underground world

Welcome! We are Escabrosa Grotto, Inc. (EGI), a group of cavers based in Tucson, of diverse backgrounds with a common interest in cave conservation and enjoyment of going underground. At Escabrosa, a beginning caver can relate on an equal basis with experienced and knowledgeable cavers, and contribute to exploration, conservation, restoration, and scientific research.

Escabrosa Grotto manages one of the best caves in southern Arizona - Onyx Cave - known for its beauty and world-class caving opportunities. It is highly decorated, including dozens of rare shield formations, flowstone, columns, helectites and soda straws.

Most of our members like the adventure of going places where few others have any ambition to go. Experiences with the unusual beauty, physical challenges, and camaraderie of group trips can become a life-long pursuit. Much like rock climbing or scuba diving, sports that take one into an environment that is out of the ordinary present an element of danger for those without proper knowledge, equipment, and preparation.

We invite you join us in learning safe caving techniques. Our search-and-rescue certified instructor conducts "vertical caving" practice in single-rope technique for our members. Climbing and rappelling pits in total darkness and the tight confines of a cave involve a unique set of skills and equipment.

Our goals are to promote cave conservation, safety, interest in speleology, and fellowship among the caving community. Our activities include fun trips, training, surveys, restoration, bat counts, ridge walking, kayaking, and other non-caving outdoor activities.

All of this activity gives occasion to making lasting friendships. So, if you want to go caving and make friends in the process, come to a grotto meeting and check us out. If you are new to caving, an unaffiliated experienced caver, or just visiting the area, we invite you to join us at a meeting and for pizza afterward. Information about our meetings and membership can be found on this site.

EGI is a chapter of the National Speleological Society, an organization of over 10,000 people who enjoy caves as scientists, sport cavers, surveyors, rescue personnel, and cave owners. We "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but carefully placed footprints, and kill nothing but time."

Questions? Contact us.

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